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  • Dynamic Threat MCI Training – Interactive Tabletop

    Check out our On-line interactive tabletop scenario to train and prepare for Dynamic Threat medical response.  This is also a great MCI training as well.  Please share with your agency and use as a springboard for discussion with your fellow emergency service providers.  

    Hemostatic Agent Training Program

    Tac-Med has partnered with Celox and Advanced Trauma Specialties to bring on-line hemostatic agent training to you.  After watching the video, you can take a post-training test and download a personalized training certificate.

    Dynamic Threat Training Resources

    Tac-Med also recently sponsored the Active Shooter supplement in JEMS, Law Officer, Fire Rescue, and Fire Engineering Magazines.  We are currently the industry leaders in training personnel in the medical response to active shooter and dynamic threat incidents.  We have trained personnel from nearly 275 agencies and have coordinated over 50 active shooter / dynamic threat response drills in the past eight years.  Our clients have included personnel from local, regional, state, and federal agencies.  We train all responders – including civilian, law enforcement, medical, and military personnel.  Our course is portable, and can be brought to your site or location to provide training local to you. For more information on training contact us at : TacMedLLC@gmail.com

  • Alex_p Alex Pasculle first learned that his fellow classmates were in danger when the fire alarm sounded during homeroom.  Exiting into the hallway, he was told by another student, “Don’t go that way– someone is stabbing people.”  Rather than heed this warning Alex immediately ran to his vehicle, grabbed his first-aid bag from the trunk and used his portable radio to summon help. He stopped briefly to provide aid for “walking wounded” patients that had spilled outside.  Alex then re-entered the building — despite not knowing the location of the actor that was stabbing others.  He soon found the principal and an injured security officer subduing the suspect, and after providing aid to the downed officer, met up with the school nurse and continued to care for the wounded.  He applied makeshift tourniquets to bleeding limbs, an occlusive dressing to a neck wound, and inserted a nasal airway and applied a moist dressing to the large abdominal wound of an eviscerated classmate.  He is credited with treating 14 of the 23 total victims, including the most seriously injured.  No one died that day, thanks in part to his selfless efforts.  His story demonstrates the importance of medical personnel providing care at the point of wounding as fast as possible, and how teamwork will save lives during a dynamic threat incident.

    News coverage of the incident courtesy of Pittsburgh Action News 4

    Do you have a first responder to nominate for “Profiles in Courage”?   E-Mail us.  If we highlight the story he or she will qualify for free training courtesy of Tac-Med.

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